Windows are an often overlooked part of your home’s appearance. Though you may not give them as much attention as other aspects, you’d soon notice if they didn’t match. For this reason, it’s important to carefully consider the style and colour of windows you choose for your home. As well as having an effect on the appearance of your home, your choice of window can impact your house in other ways. Because of this it’s also recommended that you carefully choose the right material for your window frames.

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You might assume that because your home has wooden windows or doors already, that nothing else will do. uPVC sometimes has a poor reputation, so isn’t considered. More often than not the reasons for this poor reputation are because of how uPVC used to be, not how it is today. With advances in the way uPVC is manufactured, it’s now possible to have the material in a wide variety of colours and finishes. You’re even able to get woodgrain uPVC windows, almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Where actual wooden windows are high maintenance, their uPVC counterparts need only an occasional wipe. You’ll no longer have to regularly inspect them and repair problems with their finish. With uPVC you’ll be able to relax and only clean them when they really need it.

Woodgrain uPVC windows are also much cheaper than actual wood. The cost of sourcing the materials is a lot lower, so you pay less. Furthermore, uPVC is far less susceptible to the elements than wood. This means that it won’t be damaged as much by poor weather, and also better insulate your home. uPVC, unlike wood, does not change shape or size when the temperature does. This means that it won’t create any gaps and let hot air out of your home. With uPVC woodgrain windows, you’ll end up paying less to heat your home.

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