Chances are, if you have an older home, then your doors and windows are made of wood. You might think of wood as the only option for replacement. uPVC is probably something you’ve heard of, but the thought of having plastic windows and doors can feel like blasphemy. However, plastic is a versatile material and you may be surprised at how it might look on your home.

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If you already have wooden doors, then you’ll know how easily they can be damaged. External wood doors are particularly susceptible to damage. If you have a wooden front door or back door, it will always be exposed to the elements. Water can soak into the doors and eventually make them rot, and also ruin the finish. You’ll find yourself constantly checking for scratches or imperfections that may have developed overnight. As well as this, your doors will suffer from any changes in temperature. They may warp, eventually leaving gaps and not fitting their frame properly. Not only will this let draughts in and make your heating more expensive, but may even make your doors less secure.

Cumbria Windoworks has the solution to all your wood door problems. Woodgrain uPVC doors will help you forget all these issues, without taking away the beauty of wooden doors. Changes in the way in which uPVC is made mean that doors can be made to resemble wood nearly exactly. So if you have an old oak door needing replacing, we’ll give you an oak uPVC door and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

uPVC doors will save you money from the get go. The material itself is cheaper than wood, so you’ll save on initial costs. You’ll also save time and money keeping your doors in good shape. uPVC is weather-resistant, so won’t be damaged as easily as wood. This means you won’t find yourself having to repair the finish regularly. You need only wipe it down when it gets dirty to keep it looking good as new. It also keeps its shape better than wood. It won’t warp when the temperature changes, so you’ll have a better insulated home and save money on heating.

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