Need new windows? Windows are an integral part of your home. They let natural light in from outside, so you’re not kept in the dark. They also protect the inside of your home from the elements while doing so. You can even open them when it’s too warm, and they ventilate your house, making it bearable again.  Windows are great (of course we think so!) so it’s important to make sure you make the right choice for your home.

Do you want help choosing the best uPVC windows for your home? Get in touch with Cumbria Windoworks today. We’ll use our 30 years’ experience to give you the best advice.

uPVC has been used to make window frames since the 1960s. It’s steady rise in popularity now sees it make up over 85% of new and replacement windows. Chances are, you’ll probably already have at least some uPVC windows.

Windows made from uPVC are not so commonly used without reason. When compared to more traditional wood, there’s almost no contest.

Because uPVC is a manmade material, it’s much easier to source than wood. Instead of having to actually cut down trees and prepare the timber for use, it can just be made at will. This cuts down the costs when compared to wood. These savings are then passed on to you when you buy your new uPVC windows.

Sometimes wooden frames take a bit of a beating from the elements. This is not the case with uPVC. Wood runs the risk of rotting, and will even swell or warp when temperatures change. Because uPVC is weather resistant, it’s shape will remain unchanged. So there won’t be any danger of your windows no longer properly fitting their frames. This means it will be more difficult for cold air to get into your home, or hot air to leave. So uPVC windows will give you a better insulated home and help you cut down your heating bills.

Taking care of uPVC windows is also much easier than timber. Wooden window frames require you to regularly inspect their finishes for cracks and imperfections. As well as not looking ideal, cracks in wood’s finish can be dangerous. Cracks in the finish or paintwork, will allow moisture in and lead the wood to decompose. Because of its weather-resistance, uPVC is much easier to clean and care for. The occasional wipe when you clean the glass of your windows, and it’s good as new.

If you’re worried about colour options in uPVC, then you needn’t be. Even if you want something that resembles wood, we have it covered. uPVC is an incredibly versatile material and gives you a huge range of colour possibilities.

At Cumbria Windoworks we have over 30 years’ experience supplying and fitting uPVC windows. Look below to see the full range of styles we’ll give you:

  • uPVC Casement Windows
  • Coloured uPVC Windows
  • uPVC Bay Windows
  • Black uPVC Windows
  • Grey uPVC Windows
  • Light Oak uPVC Windows
  • Woodgrain uPVC Windows
  • uPVC Sash Windows
  • uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

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