Looking for the best uPVC window manufacturers? Whether you want to fit your windows yourself or not, you want to make sure you get the best available. At Cumbria Windoworks, we understand the importance of quality. For this reason, we only supply and fit windows made by the very best.

Need new big brand windows for your home in Carlisle and Cumbria? We’ll give you windows from Rehau and Residence 9, top uPVC windows manufacturers. Fill out our contact form for a quote. Give us a call on 01228 904400 to get one sooner.

Rehau is a German manufacturer of uPVC window and door systems. They’ve been making windows for the UK since 1962. With over half a century’s experience supplying windows for people just like you, you can rest assured they know what they’re doing.

With Rehau uPVC windows you get many benefits you wouldn’t with wooden windows. Most noticeably, they’re far cheaper than wooden windows. This is because uPVC is easier to source than timber. So the savings made getting the material ready for production are passed on to you.

Despite Rehau uPVC being cheaper than wood, it doesn’t mean it’s of lower quality. In fact, you could argue quite the opposite.

Wood can really take a beating from the elements. Because of this, you need to regularly insepct wooden window frames for damage. If there are any cracks in the finish, they can let water in. As well as being unattractive, this is also dangerous. Moisture in wooden window frames eventually leads to decay. With Rehau uPVC windows, there won’t be any water damage. They’re resistant to the elements so a bit of rain won’t bother them.

Because Rehau uPVC is weather resistant it gives you better insulation than wood and is also easier to take care of. Wooden window frames swell and shrink when temperatures change. This means there’ll be gaps between the windows and their frames. So hot air will leave your home and cold air will enter in its place. This makes your home more difficult to properly heat. uPVC doesn’t have this problem. It keeps its shape despite the temperature, so you’ll have more consistent insulation. With Rehau uPVC windows, your home heating bills will plummet.

Wooden window frames require you to constantly check them for damage to their finish. You don’t have to be as vigilant with uPVC. Because of their hardiness, you’ll find that the occasional wipe with a cloth will do. So you’ll save time with Rehau uPVC windows.

Residence 9 is a new window systems manufacturer based in the UK. They specialise in producing bespoke uPVC windows in traditional and heritage styles. Residence 9 uPVC windows give you all the benefits of the uPVC mentioned before. If you have a period property or like the style of heritage windows, Residence 9 are perfect.

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