How often do you think about your window sills? Probably not very. Unless you’re having to clean them. They’re a very minor part of your home’s interior. But try imagining your home without them and everything will look just a little bit odd.

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Window sills are a purely decorative part of the home. They jut out from the bottom of windows on the internal side. Though they don’t serve any practical function, they act to balance things out. Think of a window without one, and it just won’t look right.

With window sills, you’re essentially getting a small shelf. You can use this for decorations, ornaments or even a place to put drinks. In some rooms without any other surface with which to do this, they can be quite useful.

At Cumbria Windoworks we’ll fit uPVC window sills to match your windows. Whatever the colour or style of your windows, we have the sills to match. Even if your windows are woodgrain, you can get woodgrain uPVC window sills to complete the look.

By getting window sills made from uPVC, you’ll benefit from their low maintenance. Wooden window sills are prone to cracks in their finish, and you have to keep a constant eye on their condition. uPVC, however, doesn’t require as much attention. A quick wipe with a damp cloth when you’re cleaning will keep them looking their best. You’ll also save money opting for uPVC, as it’s far cheaper to source than wood.

Why bother with wooden window sills? Save money and hassle with uPVC window sills. Get in touch with Cumbria Windoworks today to find out more. Give us a call on 01228 904400 for a faster response.