Windows provide your home with several key functions. They let light in, protect you from the elements and let you see outside. Sometimes you’ll need to cover them for privacy, or to keep light out. But are there better ways than curtains and standard vertical blinds?

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Curtains are a good way to keep light out and stop people seeing in. But they have a number of disadvantages. Firstly, they’re not the most flexible. Curtains are a bit like a light switch. They only have the two settings: light in, or light out. This can make it tricky if you want some privacy, but don’t want to resign yourself to darkness or artificial light.

With shutter blinds you gain more flexibility. Shutters are extremely adjustable, so you can choose how much light you let in. All while protecting your home from the gazes of those passing by. You can also close them completely and get the same blocking out of light as provided by curtains.

Curtains sometimes aren’t easy to take care of. They’re likely to become covered in dust. Because of the material they’re made from this can be difficult to clean off. You may even have to put them in your washing machine. Shutter blinds, however, don’t suffer from this problem. Because they are made of more solid material (either wood or uPVC) you can simply wipe them to keep them looking good as new. This means you’ll be able to shave time off your house cleaning routine with window shutters.

Shutter blinds will also increase your home’s insulation. They do this to a greater extent than other types of blind. Because they are made of rigid material and can be closed tightly, they let less energy pass through. This means that with shutters, your home will stay warmer in winter, and cooler in summer. The materials shutters are made of also mean that they’ll provide superior sound insulation. Unlike normal blinds, they work better to prevent sound energy travelling through. Not only will your home’s temperature be better regulated, but it will be quieter too. Your home will become more comfortable all round with the addition of shutter blinds.

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