Have a period property in need of new windows? Or just want to give your home a timeless look? Sash windows are perfect for this, offering a classic style that stands the test of time. They’ve been around in their traditional timber box form since the 17th century. Nothing stays in common use for so long without good reason.

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Because they have been so widely used and for so long, sliding sash windows are a common feature on many homes in the UK. Despite their popularity, time still takes its toll. Many sash windows were installed prior to certain advancements in technology. This means that older sash windows will be less energy efficient as well as being weathered by continued exposure to the elements. These older sash windows are made from wood and typically single glazed. So the frames will be high maintenance, requiring re-painting and finishing fairly regularly. Single glazing also means that they will be less energy efficient than modern double glazed sash windows.

Making sure new windows fit with a period building’s architectural style is one of the main problems you might face. Often traditional timber options are expensive and off-putting because of high-maintenance. There is also some stigma attached to uPVC windows on period homes. People may have the misconception that the material looks ‘obviously plastic’.

This is no longer the case. At Cumbria Windoworks we have Rehau Heritage uPVC sash windows. These are available in any colour you could want. Even more impressive: you can get them in realistic woodgrain. So you’ll no longer have to sacrifice the looks of your period home to enjoy the benefits of uPVC.

As with all uPVC windows, our sash windows are much cheaper and lower maintenance than their wooden counterparts. Instead of having to regularly re-paint them, you need only wipe them down and they’ll look good as new.

Cumbria Windoworks also offer double glazed sash windows, so you can guarantee they’ll keep the heat in.

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