Are you looking to make the entrance to your home a bit more impressive? If you’ve got the space, why not do all you can to make your home look that bit more grand? A porch is a great addition to any home. Whether you’re coming back, or leaving, it helps make things more of an event.

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A porch functions as your home’s own miniature entrance hall. Instead of just walking directly into your hallway, porches provide a moment to pause. They’re a very desirable addition to a home. If you choose to have a porch fitted, you can guarantee the value of your home will rise. While it may be a big investment, if you ever sell your home, you’re likely to see a bigger return. Buyers seek out houses that already have porches. They’ll pay more than the porch’s worth in order to avoid the hassle of having one built themselves.

With the addition of a porch to your home, you gain valuable extra space. You can use this however you see fit. The cooler temperatures in a porch make it ideal for keeping plants. Though, it may inevitably become a resting place for shoes. But shoes cluttering your porch are shoes not cluttering another room. You can even decorate it to make it in keeping with the rest of your home. Whatever you choose to do with it, you’re gaining an extra room.

Furthermore, porches give your home an extra line of security. Even if your front door is breached by an intruder, the presence of an extra door will slow them down. By this point, you’ll probably have heard someone trying to enter and have time to take proper action. So as well as space and value, a porch will make your home and your family that little bit safer.

If you choose a porch from Cumbria Windoworks, you’ll also get all the benefits of uPVC.

uPVC porches have several advantages over wooden ones. They’re cheaper for a start, uPVC is much less costly to source. That’s reflected in the price you pay. As well as this, you’ll benefit from the weather resistance of uPVC. Wood’s finish can crack, allowing moisture in and bringing with it decay. It also swells and shrinks with temperature change. None of this affects uPVC, it keeps its shape and isn’t damaged by water. So you won’t get any gaps between frames and you’ll be better insulated. This means you’ll end up pay less to heat your home.

With uPVC, you’ll save time too. Wood needs regular inspection and maintenance to keep it looking its best. uPVC, on the other hand only needs the occasional wipe down to stay looking good as new.

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