If you’ve put in the effort to grow a beautiful garden, why hide it? Many people opt for patio doors to show off their hard work. But choosing the right patio doors for your home can be a challenge. There are a few things to take into consideration such as available space and the style of your property. French doors are a popular choice to give you better access to your prized plot.

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French doors are a style of patio door. With the term ‘patio door’, most people probably think of sliding doors. French doors are much different to this. They’re hinged more like typical doors and are able to open either outwards or inwards. In many ways, they’re like floor-length casement windows.

If you choose French doors over sliding patio doors, you’ll gain an extra opening. With sliding doors, you’re only able to open half of the door at a time, because the sliding section needs somewhere to rest.

With French doors, however, you’re able to open both doors at once. So you get an even bigger passageway into your garden. This bigger opening means that you’re able to let more air into your home when it needs it most. On the sunniest of days, you’ll be able to revel in the outdoors without leaving your home.

The double opening on external French doors is also practical. If you need to bring any large objects in or out of your home, it’s perfect. Say you’re having a new fridge delivered. Instead of just about fit through your front door, it’ll slide easily through French doors. You won’t have to worry about delivery men scraping your door frames any more.

Many people are impressed by the appearance of French patio doors. If you add them to your home, you’ll no doubt increase the value. They let large amounts of natural light in and give the illusion of more space. Because they are so desirable, buyers actively seek out houses already with French doors. In order to avoid the hassle of having them installed, buyers will pay more if your home already has them. So you’ll get a big return on investment if you do sell.

They also give you extra flexibility over sliding patio doors. Depending on what you want, French doors can be made to open either outwards or inwards. This means that even if you don’t have the biggest garden in the world, you can still benefit from the elegance of a French door.

Choose French doors from Cumbria Windoworks, and you’ll get even more. We specialise in uPVC windows and doors, which have a number of benefits over wood.

You’ll save money opting for uPVC French doors. The material is much cheaper than wood to source, so the savings are passed on to you. uPVC is also much more weather resistant. This means that your French door frames won’t swell or warp. So they’ll fit better for longer and give you better insulation – and lower heating bills! With French uPVC doors, you’ll also save time taking care of them. They don’t need regularly checked or treated to look good as new, the occasional wipe will do.

You can also get uPVC French doors in a variety of colours, even in finishes that resemble wood. So why get anything else?

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