Do you know what condition your fascias and soffits are in? Do you even know where your fascias and soffits are? They’re an integral part of your home, offering protection to your roof and house in general. People often overlook these parts. Some don’t know what they are, others assume them to be a purely superficial aspect. But with high quality fascias and soffits, your home will reap the rewards.

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Fascias and soffits are parts of your house that help protect the roof, primarily.

The fascia board is attached to the lower edge of the roof that hangs over the side of the house. It’s fixed onto roof trusses and supports tiles, as well as the guttering. When it’s raining the fascia board can come under intense strain. As the gutter repeatedly fills up it places more and more pressure on it. For this reason, it’s important to make sure you have a strong fascia board, or else your guttering may not be properly supported.

You can find the soffit board underneath the fascia. It covers your home’s eaves. Hiding your rafters from sight and protecting them from the elements. Soffits also commonly have vents. These help air flow into your home, particularly if you have an attic or loft. Without proper ventilation in your soffit board, condensation can form. This leaves them and your roof more susceptible to rot if they’re made out of wood.

It’s imperative to choose fascias and soffits in the right material for your home. Both perform important functions and need to be able to handle a lot of water, so they need to be strong and durable. In the past, they were most commonly made of wood. But due to wood’s liability to rot when in constant contact with water, this makes it unsuitable. Wood’s poor suitability means you may find yourself having to replace your fascias and soffits more often than you’d like. It also warps with changes in temperature, so may end up not properly fitting your roof.

At Cumbria Windoworks we are uPVC fascias and soffits suppliers.

uPVC is a superior material when it comes to fascia and soffit boards. Unlike wood it is weather resistant, so does not rot or change shape. So you no longer have to worry about how long your fascias and soffits will hold up.

With watertight uPVC fascia boards and soffits, you won’t have to worry about wind and rain invading your home. Your house will be better insulated and you’ll be able to keep your heating bills down. As well as helping keep the heat in, they’ll also improve the look of your home. As they’re less susceptible to weather damage, they’ll stay looking new for longer. Unlike wood, which requires constant maintenance and treatment, uPVC just needs a wipe. And what’s more; uPVC is cheaper to source than wood. So you’ll save money from the get go.

So with a uPVC soffit board and a uPVC fascia board, you’ll save time, money and have a better insulated home. What have you got to lose? Get in touch with Cumbria Windoworks today for more information. Or give us a ring on 01228 904400 for a faster response.