Do you have doors with lots of visible glass? You’ll no doubt enjoy the extra natural light in summer and during the day. But at night-time, especially, you may be left feeling a bit exposed. As with windows, you may want to cover doors with extra glass when you don’t need the light or when it’s dark. This is where door blinds can help.

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While doors with a large area of glass come with many benefits, there are some that aren’t benefits all the time. Patio doors, French doors and bi fold doors are all designed to let in more natural light than other doors. But with this, you also get a larger view into your home. Sometimes, this just isn’t what you want. Whether the weather is unpleasant and you don’t want to see, or you need some privacy, sometimes you just need to cover up.

Fortunately, Cumbria Windoworks also supply blinds for your uPVC doors. By having blinds fitted on your doors, you get the best of both worlds. You can connect your home and garden in the summer still, but shut the world out when you need to. Even when the weather’s nice, you may want to shut it out. Bright sun light can get in your eyes, or make watching TV impossible. With door blinds you can get on with what you’re doing regardless of how bright it is.

Not only do door blinds give you more privacy and protect you from the sun, they also increase insulation. By adding an extra layer of coverage, you further prevent heat from escaping. This is really valuable in the winter months, in which a large glass door can let lots of heat out. By installing door blinds, you’ll make it easier to heat your home. So come winter when you’ll need it most, you’ll save money on your utility bills.

Door blinds also add to the overall look of a room. If it is particularly bleak outside, you may find a room more pleasant with a stylish blind.

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