If you’re looking at new windows for your home, you may feel a little spoilt for choice. There are many different styles, and knowing what’s best for your home may seem difficult. Sometimes, it’s best to go for the most common option. If it works for everyone else, then why not you? Until the invention of sash windows, casement windows were the most popular in the UK, and for good reason.

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Casement windows are attached to their frames by hinges placed on either side. They open outwards to the side, opening more fully than some other window styles.

Because casement windows open more than sash or sliding windows, they give better ventilation. This means that in the summer months, it will be easier to cool your home. The easier access to air also prevents condensation and lowers the risk of damp. If you choose casement windows, they’ll help more efficiently regulate the temperature of your home. When a casement window is open, it serves to direct breezes inside. You’ll be thankful for this in the warmer months.

With casement windows there is more glass to actually look out of. Because they are held in place by hinges on the sides, that means there’s no need for bars across the glass. Without the inclusion of bars for support, you’re left with only clear glass. This means you’ll benefit from more natural light in your home and a better view of any scenery you’re fond of. Don’t fret if you’re keen on support bars, or need them to match other windows. Casement windows are very customisable. So you’re able to have decorative bars and other features installed. You’ll get all the ease of use of a casement window, without having to sacrifice any style.

Sometimes it’s possible to struggle opening windows, but this is never the case with casement. They feature an easy-to-use handle and can be operated with just one hand. They’re ideal for hard to reach places like above sinks. Despite their ease of use, they’re still incredibly secure. Unlike sash and sliding windows, the locks on casement windows are embedded into the frame. So you won’t have to worry about anyone breaking in.

If you choose casement windows from Cumbria Windoworks, you’ll enjoy all these benefits and more.

We specialise in the supply and installation of uPVC windows. By using uPVC instead of wood, you save time and money. From the very start, uPVC is cheaper to source than wood. This means that you’ll pay less upfront to have your windows fitted.

Timber casement windows would be susceptible to the elements. You’d have to regularly check them for damage and clean and treat them religiously. With uPVC this problem doesn’t exist. uPVC is weather resistant. This means it’s not easily damaged by the weather. As well as this it won’t warp or change shape, meaning your insulation stays airtight. You’ll save on heating bills and save time keeping your windows looking good as new if you choose uPVC.

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