Looking to modernise your home? Want to create more space? Or just make access to your garden easier? Bi folding doors are an increasingly popular alternative to French doors and patio doors.

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Traditional patio and French doors lack the flexibility of bi fold doors. French doors rely on the doors opening inwards or outwards and patio doors only provide a half opening. So you’ll always have something separating your rooms or your house and garden. As well as this, they are heavier than bi fold doors and can be more cumbersome to use.

At Cumbria Windoworks we’ll fit your home with the very best uPVC bi folding doors. We also supply them in aluminium if you’d like something even more lightweight and low maintenance.

With our Rehau bi folding doors, your house will become instantly more modern. Divisions between rooms can disappear in seconds. Bi folding doors are very easy to move. They concertina into a compact stack, so you can enjoy all the benefits of open plan design, while also having a door to separate. Depending on space also, our bi fold doors can open either towards or away from you. So you’ll benefit from increased flexibility.

We’ll also make sure you have the most energy efficient bi fold patio doors around. With our double glazing, as well as having an attractive, modern way to open up your home you’ll keep the heat in. You can let the heat out when the sun beats down, and keep it in when night falls.

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