After new windows for your home? Deciding what kind of window is best can be difficult. Given that there are so many different types with their own unique features, it’s easy to get lost. Before choosing, you have to take certain things into account. Things such as budget, space and the style of your home are all important factors. Tilt and turn windows, however, seem to be a safe choice for most.

Impressed by the multiple functions of tilt and turn windows? Cumbria Windoworks supply and fit uPVC tilt and turn windows all over Carlisle and Cumbria. Get in touch today for a free quote. Give us a call on 01228 904400 to get one sooner.

Tilt and turn windows, as the name suggests, can be opened by both tilt and turn. The windows can be tilted inwards via the top of the movable panel. They can also be turned to open inwards from the side.

If your home has limited space around it, tilt and turn windows are perfect. As they open inwardly, there’s no danger of them catching neighbours’ walls or whatever else may be in the way. As well as this, they’re ideal as an emergency exit. Whether you need to escape from fire, or any other threat, they’ll help.

Because they open so fully, you’ll easily be able to get out of them if need be. Tilt and turn windows are also perfect for ventilating your home. The tilt function is incredibly secure. So you can leave your window open slightly to air your home out without the worry of intruders getting in.

Tilt and turn windows also give you an extra level of convenience over other window styles. Because the windows swing inwards, the outside pane of glass is reachable from inside. This means you’ll save time when cleaning your windows, as you won’t have to go round to reach the other side. Imagine how easy keeping your windows spotless would be if they were all tilt and turn?

Cumbria Windoworks are suppliers of uPVC tilt and turn windows. So as well as all of the benefits you get with the tilt and turn style, you also get the best of uPVC. Unlike traditional wooden windows, uPVC costs far less. So from the very beginning you save.

As well as this, uPVC windows are easier to take care of than wood. Instead of needing to be constantly inspected and treated for damage, you just need to occasionally wipe them. Pair this with the easy cleaning of tilt and turn window panes and you’re set!

Wood is more vulnerable to the elements. As well as sustaining damage from the weather, changes in temperature can also cause it to warp. This means that gaps will form and hot air will escape. uPVC, however, is weather resistant. So by choosing it, you’ll save money on your heating bills through better insulation.

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