If you’re not familiar with uPVC windows, you might not be aware of what they can do. They are far from just cheap alternatives to wood, as some might think. Although, wood costs more, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better. Oftentimes it’s just harder to get hold of. You might think there are limitations if you choose uPVC, but the options are endless.

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uPVC is much more than just low cost. It offers far greater weather resistance than wood. Wood is rather vulnerable to the elements. Cracks can appear in its finish, which allow moisture in and lead the frame to decay. As well as this, wood swells and shrinks with temperature change. Quite often this creates gaps between your windows and frames. These give heat the perfect escape route from your home and leaves you with higher heating bills.

uPVC is immune to both these things. Its resistance to superficial damage means you won’t have to worry about a bit of rain wrecking your windows. You’ll save time keeping them in good condition, also. Instead of having to regularly inspect and repair, a quick wipe will suffice. Because uPVC retains its shape through temperature change, it means you’ll also be better insulated. Your heating bills will be lower with the help of uPVC.

At Cumbria Windoworks we’ll give you a full range of uPVC window designs. Whatever your need we’ll be able to help. With over 30 years’ experience supplying and fitting uPVC windows, we know what we’re talking about.

We have uPVC windows available in the following styles and more:

  • Black uPVC Windows
  • Coloured uPVC Windows
  • Grey uPVC Windows
  • Light Oak uPVC Windows
  • Woodgrain uPVC Windows
  • uPVC Sash Windows
  • uPVC Bay Windows
  • uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows
  • uPVC Casement Windows
  • uPVC Georgian Windows

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