Do you want to better connect your home and garden? Perhaps the best way to do this, is with the installation of a sliding patio door. You have several choices when it comes to this, including material and colour. The most common options you may have are wooden or uPVC patio doors. But maybe you’d benefit from trying something different and opting for aluminium?

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Getting sliding patio doors is a great decision. Most obviously, they will allow extra light into your home. Because patio doors have far more glass than regular doors, you’ll benefit more from the natural light of day. Aluminium patio doors will give you even more light. Because aluminium is such a strong material, not as much is needed to keep glass in place. This means that the aluminium frames will be extremely slim. This gives you more visible glass, and more space for light to come through.

Replacing a wall with aluminium sliding patio doors will create the illusion that you have more space. The doors are essentially wall-sized windows. The extra light they let in compared to a window, will serve to make your room look even bigger. This is particularly useful if you have a small room. As replacing a wall with patio doors makes things appear more open. Giving you (and your guests) the impression of a larger home.

Having a patio door installed on your home also gives you a larger opening than a normal door. This is particularly useful if you ever need to move large objects, like sofas, in or out. Without a patio door, you’d be forced to negotiate the tight squeeze of a front or back door. But with a patio, you’ll have no trouble.

An aluminium sliding patio door also serves to blur the line between home and garden. In the summer months, this gives you easy access to the garden while allowing cool breezes to freely enter your home. In the winter, you’re able to see the elements clearly, while still being protected from them. If you have children, you can also keep a better eye on them while they’re out in the garden. With the added benefit of not being able to hear them.

By choosing aluminium instead of uPVC or wood, you open yourself up to even more benefits. As a very tough metal, aluminium is completely weather resistant. This means, unlike wood, it’s not easily damaged by harsh conditions. It won’t warp when temperatures change, so you’ll never get gaps letting the heat out. So you’ll save money on your heating bills with aluminium patio doors. What’s more is, it’s very easy to take care of. You won’t need to regularly inspect it or repair damage, just wipe it every so often. You can keep your aluminium sliding doors looking good as new with no hassle.

You’re even able to get aluminium patio doors in a huge range of colours. The metal is powder coated, giving it a long lasting and vibrant finish. So you can really express yourself with your patio door.

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