Looking to get new windows for your home? You’ll be on the lookout for quality. A good indicator of quality is a well-known name. In the world of window frames, there are few better known than Rehau. They are one of the inudsty’s leading manufacturers of uPVC windows. Their reach is so wide that 1 in 7 uPVC window profiles fitted in the UK is made by them.

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Rehau was formed in 1948 in the town of Rehau, Germany. Since then they’ve gone on to expand to 41 plants worldwide and have sold uPVC windows in the UK since 1962. They are the world’s biggest single produce of uPVC windows and doors. The company’s success is down to the quality of its products and attentive attitude towards customers. You can see this quality for yourself when you look at Rehau window systems.

If you’ve never had uPVC windows before, there’s nowhere better to start than with Rehau. You may have reservations if you’ve only had wooden windows before. There are some misconceptions about uPVC from when it was in its infancy. You might worry you’ll only be able to get windows in white, however this is no longer the case. With advances in the way in which uPVC is manufactured, you’re now able to get Rehau uPVC windows in a variety of colours. You can even have uPVC windows in realistic woodgrain styles. There’s really nothing for you to worry about when it comes to uPVC.

So, uPVC windows mean you don’t have to give up the style of wood. But, why else should you get them?

uPVC windows are also much cheaper to manufacture than wooden ones. The reduced cost to make them means the savings are passed on to you. You pay less from the very start, but it doesn’t stop there.

Rehau uPVC windows have greater weather resistance than wood. This means that they’ll sustain less damage from harsh weather. Excessive moisture won’t lead to decay, as uPVC doesn’t degrade. It also won’t warp or swell with changes in temperature. So gaps won’t form and you won’t lose heat unnecessarily. Over time you’ll benefit from better insulation and save money on your heating bills.

Another perk of Rehau uPVC’s weather resistance is low maintenance. Because wood is so vulnerable to the elements, you need to regularly check it to make sure there’s no damage. Cracks in wood’s finish can let moisture get in and lead to decay. So maintaining wooden frames can become a bit of a burden. uPVC, on the other hand, requires nothing more than the occasional wipe down to stay looking its best. You’ll save time with uPVC and won’t have to constantly worry about your windows.

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