rehau-gable-end-conservatoryWhen buying anything you want quality. Quality can most easily be found in brands you recognise and trust. Why should it be any different with conservatories? Rehau are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of uPVC windows, doors and conservatories. In fact, 1 in 7 windows fitted in the UK are made by Rehau.

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Rehau are the largest single producer of uPVC window and door systems. This success is no accident. It’s down to high quality products and attention to detail when it comes to customer needs.

When looking at a conservatory there are a few things you’ll no doubt worry about.

You may be put off by the price tag, and wonder if the investment is really worth it. Not only will you worry about not using it enough, but you might worry about it not adding enough value to your home. You’ll be relieved if you opt for a Rehau conservatory from Cumbria Windoworks. Rehau is a brand synonymous with quality, so you can rest assured it will add maximum value to your home. The company has been selling uPVC window and door systems in the UK since 1962. There’s more than half a century of history to vouch for their quality.

You may worry about how a new conservatory might impact your energy efficiency. Given that a conservatory is almost completely glass, you might think a lot of heat will escape. You would think a conservatory would thus make your home harder to heat. Rehau conservatories, however, are renowned for their energy efficiency. Windows by Rehau meet the criteria for a Zero Carbon home (Passivhaus). This is the highest standard currently achievable, so you won’t have to worry about your home wasting any energy.

uPVC is the perfect material for a conservatory. With Rehau uPVC you can guarantee you’ll be getting the best there is. Unlike wood and other materials, uPVC is cheap to source, so you’ll save on the cost of the material.

Despite what you might think of plastic production, Rehau is committed to doing so in a very green way. They cut down on waste by recycling 80% of all manufacturing off-cuts when producing window profiles. Rehau also holds the British Standards certification – BS EN 140001 for environmental standards. As well as this, all Rehau’s window systems are rated ‘A’ by the British Research Establishment Green Guide for Recyclability. When choosing Rehau, you know you’re using a company that’s dedicated to being green.

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