When creating your perfect home, you want everything to be just so. But what if there’s something you’d not even considered? You might think of bright colours as something reserved for the interior of the house. But what’s to stop you livening up the outside? If you want to show the world your personality, coloured uPVC doors may just be for you.

Have you got your heart set on a red front door? Or even red interior doors? Cumbria Windoworks will fit red uPVC front doors in Carlisle and Cumbria. Get in touch for a free quote. Or give us a call on 01228 904400 to get one faster.

With a red composite front door or a red uPVC door nobody will miss your home. Red is a bright, bold colour and can symbolise many things.

In Feng Shui (Chinese philosophy) red symbolises welcoming energy.

Similarly, in early American tradition, a house with a red door was a welcome place for travellers to rest. So if you opt for a red door, chances are your guests will feel welcome instantly.

In addition to this, in Scotland, homeowners used to supposedly paint their front doors red once their mortgage had been paid off. So red can also lend your home an air of wealth and status.

Linking in with Christian tradition, red also symbolises protection. Church doors were sometimes painted red to represent the blood of martyrs and mark the inside of the building as safe and holy.

Regardless of what you think of these traditions, they show red doors as a popular and distinguished choice for hundreds of years.

If you choose red uPVC doors from Cumbria Windoworks, you’ll get all the benefits of tradition and more.

When compared to wooden doors, there are numerous advantages. For a start, you will save money.  uPVC is much cheaper to buy than timber, so the initial cost of your door and fitting will be lower.

Unlike wood, which is a natural material, uPVC is resistant to the elements. This means that your door won’t warp or change shape over time. So no gaps will form and your home will be better insulated. As a result of this, you’ll end up paying less for your heating.

Finally, uPVC doors are far easier to maintain than their wooden counterparts. Wooden doors are prone to fade and get chips in the finish. With wood, you’d be required to inspect it regularly and repair problems. uPVC, however, only requires occasional wipe downs to look good as new.

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