Choosing windows for your home can be a very difficult decision. They’re a big investment, and could have a negative impact if you make the wrong choice. It’s important to consider how the window frames will look with the rest of your house as well as the price. Many people seem to think that wood looks better, however it’s not always the best choice.

Want windows that look like wood without the high cost? Cumbria Windoworks will fit light oak uPVC windows in Carlisle and Cumbria. Fill out our contact form to get a quote. Or give us a call on 01228 904400 to get one faster.

With some homes, it seems only wood will do. Whether your front and back doors are wood, or if you just can’t picture your home with anything else, sometimes it just feels right. Despite all the aesthetic appeal of wood, it has certain disadvantages that sometimes make it not worth the cost.

For a start, the high cost of timber windows is a big disadvantage. Wood is very expensive to source. This is reflected in the price you pay to buy new windows and have them fitted.

As well as this, wooden windows require a lot of maintenance. They are likely to chip and damage easily. So you’ll need to regularly clean and re-finish them.

In addition to being damaged by the weather, changes in temperature can also cause wood to warp. If this happens, you’ll be left with frames that don’t quite fit properly. This leaves your home prone to draughts and harder to heat. As a result, your heating bills will be more expensive.

As you can see, although they look good, wooden window frames do have negatives.

Fortunately, at Cumbria Windoworks, we specialise in an alternative. We’ll supply and fit you with light oak uPVC windows.

uPVC windows are much cheaper to source than wooden. So, instantly, you’ll save money. They’re also much less prone to damage from the elements. This means they require nowhere near as much maintenance. You won’t need to refinish them; they’ll be kept looking good as new with the occasional wipe.

Their resistance to the elements means that they also keep their shape better than wood. They won’t warp as the temperature changes, so your home’s heat will be kept in tightly. So you’ll be able to keep your heating bills down.

Of course, you might worry about how they’ll look. But thanks to advances in technology, uPVC windows are now available in various finishes that resemble wood. With Cumbria Windoworks’ light oak uPVC windows, you’ll struggle to believe they’re not real oak.

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