Choosing doors for your home is a difficult task. In today’s market there are so many different choices. It’s not always clear whether you’re better opting for a wooden door, uPVC or composite door. And then once you’ve chosen the material, you have the extra choice of colour and finish. Many people view wooden doors as the ultimate, due to their high value and tradition. However, because of the cost it’s not always the best idea to get them.

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Because of their natural look, many people covet wooden doors. For certain properties they just seem to look better. This is especially the case if your home is a period property and other fittings such as the windows are wood as well. Despite this wood isn’t always the best choice.

If you’re looking to keep your costs down, you’ll struggle to do so with wooden doors. You’ll also find yourself having to regularly maintain them. Because wood is susceptible to the elements, the finish can damage easily. As well as this, change in temperature can cause wooden doors to warp and change in size and shape. If this happens, gaps could form and heat can escape your home. So you’ll end up paying more to keep your home heated.

Despite these disadvantages, many people put up with wood because of the look.

However, there is an alternative. At Cumbria Windoworks we specialise in the supply and installation of light oak uPVC doors.

With advances in technology, uPVC is no longer restricted to just white. You can now have realistic wood-like finishes on your uPVC doors. No one will be able to tell the difference. They’ll assume your doors were only recently strong, tall oaks.

By choosing a light oak or woodgrain uPVC door you will, most importantly, save money. uPVC is much lower cost than timber to source, so those savings are passed on to you.

In addition to this, uPVC doors are easier to maintain than wood. Real oak will need to be regularly re-finished and can easily be damaged by the elements. Compare this to uPVC, which you’ll only need to occasionally wipe down, and you’ll see the better option.

Furthermore, real oak doors are susceptible to the weather. Changes in temperature can lead to them warping and changing shape. If this happens, they’ll no longer properly fit their frame. So you’ll be plagued by draughts and lose heat, meaning you’ll have to pay more to keep your home heated. uPVC doors don’t change shape, regardless of weather. So with a light oak uPVC door from Cumbria Windoworks, you’ll be able to keep your heating costs down.

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