Whatever kind of patio door you might have; you’ll reap the rewards in the summer months. But when things turn cooler, you might not enjoy having such a large area of glass quite as much. As well as letting more natural light into your home when it’s beneficial, it’s also important to be able to keep it out when necessary. There are various options you can choose to cover your doors, but knowing which is best can be difficult.

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Glass doors are great. They make the division between your home and garden melt away. But when it’s not so nice outside, you might want that division to be a bit stronger. With internal door shutters you get the best of both. You can easily move them up and out of the way, giving you big clear views of your garden. When it’s wet, miserable and dark, you can pull them down and enjoy the cosy indoors fully.

Even if you’re a bit more indecisive, indoor shutters give you options. You’re able to tilt the blinds at various angles to let in however much light you want. Tilting the blinds in this way also gives you more privacy. If your door is placed somewhere with a high footfall, you can avoid the looks of passers-by, while still letting sun in.

With internal shutters, you’ll also benefit from increased insulation. By providing an extra barrier between the elements and your home, you lower the amount of energy that can pass through. This means less heat will escape and less cold air will come in. So with internal shutter doors, your home will be easier to keep heated in the winter months. This means your heating bills will be lower and you’ll save money.

Furthermore, shutters on your doors will lower the amount of sound that can pass through. So as well as having a better heated home, you’ll get more peace and quiet. With shutter blinds, your home will be that bit more comfortable to live in.

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