Windows were originally invented to let light into your home. But as time went on they become more and more a stylistic aspect of buildings. Today, people choose different styles and colours of window to make a statement and reflect their personality. In the past, you would have been restricted on the choice of colour you could have your windows in. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

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When they were first introduced uPVC windows were only available in white. People were also unsure of their quality because of their newness. Things are much different for uPVC windows today.

At Cumbria Windoworks, we’ll give you uPVC windows in any colour you could want. Advances in technology mean it’s now possible to get them in more exciting colours. So you can stand out and show your personality through your home.

With our grey uPVC windows your home will gain a formal air. Grey windows are perfect if you want to have something that differs from the norm, but not stand out too much. Grey is a neutral, calm colour and so serves to bring out the other colours of your home.

If you choose Cumbria Windoworks, you’ll also benefit from the features of uPVC. You will save money. uPVC is cheaper than wood, so the upfront cost of your new windows will be reduced significantly.
As well as this, uPVC isn’t susceptible to the elements and so won’t warp or change shape. Because of this, no gaps will form and your home will be better insulated. So you’ll save on heating bills.
Tired of having to regularly check and repair small problems in the finish of your wooden windows? No more. uPVC windows are low maintenance and require only an occasional wipe down to keep them looking good as new.

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