Doors are part of our everyday life, but we don’t often give them a lot of thought. You’ll probably find yourself using doors without really thinking about it. But you’d struggle without.
Traditionally, doors were made of wood. So a lot of doors today are brown. Even some not made of wood are made in the image of wood. But what if you want something different?

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If you want to buck the trend of wood and wood-like doors, without going too ‘out-there’, why not try grey? The colour grey is between black and white, so it balances the harshness of them. It stands for neutrality and can lend a formal appearance to your home.

Depending whether it’s closer to black or white, grey can also take on other characteristics. A darker grey may give your home a mysterious edge, whereas a lighter grey can make it look more lively.

Grey uPVC doors will go with almost any property. Its subdued nature makes it perfect to make the other colours of your home stand out more.

With Cumbria Windoworks’ grey uPVC doors, you’ll save money in different ways.

Firstly, uPVC is cheaper than wood, so you’ll save greatly on upfront cost. As well as this, the material requires far less maintenance than wood. With wood you may find yourself having to regularly inspect and repair problems with the finish. However, uPVC allows you to sort most problems with a quick wipe down.
One more thing; uPVC isn’t affected by the elements like wood. This means it won’t warp or lose shape, so no gaps will form over time. For this reason, uPVC is better at insulating and you’ll save money heating your home.

No grey area when it comes to wanting grey doors? Get in touch with Cumbria Windoworks and we’ll fit grey uPVC doors in Carlisle and Cumbria.

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