Your home is special. It’s your own space in the world and understandably, you want it to look its best. Windows, as well as letting in light and air, are an important stylistic feature. If your home was built with a certain type of architecture, then you need windows to match that. Georgian houses are very distinctive in style. Popularised in the 18th and 19th centuries, these are the buildings of Pride and Prejudice. Many houses in the Georgian style are listed. If you’re lucky enough to own one, you’ll need Georgian windows to match.

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If you live in or own a Georgian property, it may well be considered of important architectural interest and listed to protect it. If this is the case, then changing parts of your home may be tricky. Local councils have measures in place to help protect these kinds of buildings.

You’ll need to apply for permission if you wish to make a change to windows and other parts. These changes will then be reviewed to make sure they won’t negatively affect your home’s appearance. So if you want to change your white Georgian sash windows to pink uPVC windows, you probably wouldn’t be allowed.

As well as keeping you on the right side of the council, Georgian windows make your home look better. They are sash windows, typically in ‘six over six’ configuration. This means there are six miniature panes in each sash, separated by Georgian bars. Even if your home isn’t Georgian, they are an elegant style and can improve the overall look as well as value.

If you do have a Georgian home and its windows haven’t been replaced in a while, they may be inefficient. Traditional Georgian windows will be made of wood. In some cases, these could be over 100 years old. As well as this, they will very likely be single glazed. The sheer age of the frames, paired with substandard glazing means they will be a great source of heat loss. If you carry on with old, wooden, single-glazed windows, you’ll pay more to keep your home heated.

Cumbria Windoworks can give you Georgian style with all the benefits of modern technology. We specialise in the supply and fitting of uPVC Georgian windows. With uPVC, you’ll get windows that look just like your old Georgian ones, but that perform better.

Firstly, uPVC is a cheaper material than wood. So if you were to replace your wood Georgian windows like for like, you’d end up paying far more than uPVC. So uPVC saves you money.

You will also save time on maintenance with uPVC. Wood needs regularly inspected and treated to stay looking its best. It’s also susceptible to the elements. Any cracks in its finish can let moisture in, which will lead to decay. uPVC is extremely weather resistant, so won’t be as easily damaged. All you’ll need to do to keep your uPVC Georgian windows looking good as new is give them the occasional wipe.

Because uPVC is resistant to the elements, it means it won’t change shape like wood. When temperatures change, wood swells and shrinks. This ends up leaving gaps between your windows and their frames. Gaps let out heat and let cold air in. So your home will be harder to heat. This issue doesn’t exist with uPVC, so you’ll save on your heating bills.

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