British weather can be unpredictable; wind, rain, snow and sudden changes in temperature can take a toll on your property. Like all homeowners, you want your house to be properly protected from the elements. Are you doing all that you can? Cladding is one of the least glamorous features of your home, but it can make a great deal of difference.

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Cladding can be fitted to your windows, doors, gutters, roof and more. It’s intended to prevent these parts of your home being damaged by harsh weather. It stops water from getting into important parts of structures. For example, in windows, cladding is fitted around the outside trim of the frame. It serves as a way of sealing the window frame and preventing water from getting in. This could potentially cause rot if the windows are made of wood.

Surprisingly, cladding is often made of wood too. This is impractical, as that makes it susceptible to the same elements it’s meant to protect your home from. Wooden cladding can get wet and rot just like wooden doors or window frames. It also requires a lot of care and cleaning to keep it functioning as it should. Surely something meant to protect your home should be a little tougher?

This is where exterior uPVC cladding comes in. As one of Cumbria’s leading uPVC cladding suppliers, Cumbria Windoworks will give you a truly robust solution.

External uPVC cladding has several benefits over traditional wooden cladding.

Firstly, the price is much lower. uPVC is a manmade material that costs much less to source than wood. So you pay less to protect your home. It’s also considerably lighter than wooden cladding. So you won’t have to worry about there being a strain on the structure of your home.

It’s also far more weather resistant. Where wood will become damaged or change shape when the temperature does, uPVC stays as it is. This means you won’t have to regularly check the condition of it, or do much to keep it looking its best. All you need do is give it the occasional wipe down. The fact that it doesn’t change in shape means no gaps will form. So you won’t have anywhere for heat to escape or cold air to come in. You’ll be better insulated and save money on your heating with uPVC cladding.

Worried you can only get white uPVC cladding? We have a variety of colours and styles to suit your home, so you won’t have to compromise on style.

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