In life, ideally, everything would be as efficient as possible. If public transport was always on time, if you could get every last bit of jam out of the jar, surely that would be better? So why want for anything other than the utmost efficiency from your windows? With energy efficient windows you’ll save money, be more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.

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By making your windows more energy efficient you stand to gain a lot.  Maybe the most attractive benefit of increased energy efficiency is that you’ll save money.

Energy saving windows are better insulators, so hot air won’t leave your home as easily. Similarly, cold air won’t be able to get in. This means that when you put your heating on, the heat generated will stay inside better and for longer. So you won’t need to have your heating on as long to get warmed up, and your bills will go down.

(You can calculate just how much you could save here)

Furthermore, energy saving windows will make your home more comfortable. There are other benefits to a better insulated home than saving money, believe it or not. Temperature in your home will be better regulated, so it won’t sharply drop as you near the windows. This means you won’t be exposed to draughts and can enjoy your home more easily. You’ll be toasty, and you’ll no longer need to take a wide berth of your windows in winter.

What’s more: making your windows more energy efficient is better for the environment. Not having to put your heating on as often or for as long, means you’ll use less energy. This will reduce your home’s emissions. So you can take pride in doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint.

As a little added extra, energy saving windows have better sound insulation too. As well as all of the previously mentioned benefits, you’ll get peace and quiet. By taking the correct measures, you can drown out the sounds of the outside world and relax in your well-insulated, energy efficient home in peace.

Cumbria Windoworks have various ways you can make your windows more energy efficient:

  • Triple Glazing
  • Double Glazing
  • Secondary Double Glazing
  • uPVC Windows

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