Have your windows seen better days? Whether they’re starting to show their age, or have been smashed, there’s only so much a window can take. Replacing a full window, frame and all can be expensive. Think of how much it could be if you have multiple windows to replace. If your frames are fine, it may be a wiser decision to just have the glazing replaced.

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Double glazing is a great invention that makes a big difference to your home. But like most things, it doesn’t last forever. Nor is it unbreakable. Over time, double glazing can become less efficient. Often this is due to the seals breaking down. When this happens, the window is not as tightly fitted to the frame, leaving gaps. These gaps act as escape routes for hot air and inroads for cold. You’ll find your home is more difficult to heat. The hot air you want to keep in will leave through gaps in the glazing.

The same happens if your double glazing becomes cracked or smashed, too. Though broken windows also make your home look less attractive.

Choosing replacement double glazed glass in place of a full new window will save you money. Rather than having to pay for a new frame, you’ll only pay for the glass that you need and spend less. As well as this, it will save you time. Having a full new frame fitted will take far longer than just having the glass replaced. So getting replacement double glazing is not only cheaper, but quicker too. The same applies to doors.

By opting for replacement double glazed doors or windows you’ll make your home more energy efficient. Even if you already have double glazing, swapping to newer glass can help. Newer double glazing has a larger gap between panes, this makes insulation even better. It will make your home easier to heat and also keep outside noise at bay.

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