Cumbria Windoworks' uPVC and composite doors
Do you need new doors? Good doors can easily be taken for granted. They seamlessly connect and divide all the rooms of your house. Sometimes you might even forget they’re there. Poor quality doors, however, are more difficult to put to the back of your mind.

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Sick of spending hours cleaning your doors? Worried how your wooden front door will fare in the future?

It can be hard replacing your wooden door. You will likely have put a lot of money into it. It’s very costly to use timber, especially high quality wood. Because it’s more expensive, though, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best.

Being a natural material, wood is susceptible to the elements. Moisture can get into the finish and make it peel or form bubbles. So you’ll find yourself having to regularly sort problems in the door’s exterior. Wood doors are also liable to warp or rot with continued exposure to wet weather. This can lead to draughts in your home, or even make the door less secure if it no longer fits the frame. In addition to this, wood doesn’t offer as much insulation as other materials. So you’ll lose heat and end up spending more on utilities.

Fortunately, at Cumbria Windoworks, we have a solution. We specialise in uPVC and Composite Doors, which look just as good as wood, but with fewer problems.

With our uPVC and Composite Doors doors you’ll:

  • Save money compared to buying solid wood
  • Get a door that looks just as good as wood
  • Save money on utility bills with better insulation
  • Get low maintenance doors, easier to clean than ever before
  • Have doors resistant to the weather

So whether you want a composite back door, composite front door, or any manner of uPVC door fitted, we’re here to help. Our doors are available in a wide range of styles and colours. No matter your personal taste, we’re bound to have something you’ll love.

Why carry on with high maintenance wood doors? Save yourself time and money and try a uPVC or Composite Door from Cumbria Windoworks.

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