Think of windows and you’ll probably think of wooden frames, or ones made to look like wood. Until recently, the vast majority of windows were made of wood. Because of this, you may be so used to seeing them that you don’t really consider anything else. If you’re bored of wooden windows, you’re in luck. Nowadays, it’s easier to produce window frames in exciting colours. So you can show off your individuality, and stand out from the standard white or brown offering.

Want to add a touch of colour to your home? At Cumbria Windoworks we have a wide range of coloured uPVC windows to fit in Carlisle and Cumbria. Get in touch to find out what we’ve got. Give us a call on 01228 904400 for a faster response.

At Cumbria Windoworks we stock an extensive range of coloured uPVC windows. You can have your favourite colours, or finally get windows to match your doors and complete the aesthetic of your house.

You might take the colour of your window frames for granted. But it can have a surprisingly large effect on the overall look of your home.

Black uPVC windows can give your home an air of sophistication. Brighter colours can ensure that your house really stands out from the crowd.

As well as being available in a multitude of colours, uPVC windows also give you several benefits that you wouldn’t find in wooden frames.

For a start, uPVC is a much cheaper material than wood. So the initial cost of purchasing the windows and having them fitted is considerably lower.

Because uPVC is a manmade material, it’s not as vulnerable to the elements as wood. This means that there’s no danger of it warping or becoming weathered. So window frames will not lose their shape and be less likely to let excess heat out. You’ll have a better insulated home because of this, and save money on heating bills.

Furthermore, uPVC frames are incredibly low maintenance when compared to wood. Instead of having to routinely inspect them and repair damage to the finish, uPVC frames can be sorted to with the occasional wipe.

Considering coloured windows for your home?

At Cumbria Windoworks we have over 30 years’ experience supplying and fitting uPVC windows. This means we have the right knowledge to advise you on the best colour choice for your home.

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