When making changes to your home, cladding is hardly your first thought. In fact, it’s something you may not even consider or know very much about. In spite of this, it can make a big difference to your home and help you save money in the long run.

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Cladding is material applied to buildings around the edges of various parts. You’ll find cladding most commonly on windows, doors, roofs, gutters and more. It’s designed to provide further insulation and prevent water from getting into the structure.

Traditionally, cladding will have been produced in wood. This would have provided some insulation and, to an extent, prevented moisture getting in. However, it’s really not the best material for the job.

Wooden cladding itself requires protection from the elements. Having a form of protection as susceptible to damage as what it’s protecting makes little sense. Wooden cladding’s constant exposure to the elements mean it’s likely to wear quickly. Moisture will ruin its finish, so you would need to regularly address this issue. You’d have to continually check the condition of the cladding and repair it when necessary.

Exposure to so much moisture can also make the cladding rot, making it effectively useless. Wood is also affected by temperature changes, so the cladding would be liable to warp. This would nullify its insulating properties. Any gaps formed through the change in shape would let draughts in and heat out. Meaning you’d pay not only for subpar cladding, but more for your heating.

At Cumbria Windoworks, we have the perfect alternative to wooden cladding. With our coloured uPVC cladding, you won’t have to worry about it not doing its job.

Cladding is something that rarely comes to the surface of our thoughts, and with uPVC it won’t have to.

uPVC is much easier to maintain than wood. Instead of having to constantly check for rot and problems with the finish, you’ll only have to give it a wipe when it gets dirty. uPVC cladding is resistant to the elements, so it won’t warp or damage. So as well as being easier to maintain, it’ll also do a better job of keeping the heat in and cold out. Your uPVC will help you keep the cost of your heating bills down, by making your home better at keeping heat in.

If you’re concerned about uPVC cladding not looking good on your home, you needn’t be! Cumbria Windoworks has an extensive range of coloured uPVC cladding available. So no matter the colour of your home, doors, or windows, we’ll have something to match. Even if you have wooden windows or features, we have uPVC made to look like wood. Gone are the days of white uPVC and nothing else, you can have the aesthetic appeal of wood without the pesky disadvantages.

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