Do you have an older home? Or want something that absolutely no one else has? Bespoke uPVC windows give you a way to get the windows of your dreams. You might have a certain idea in mind, but making that reality is easier said than done. So it’s important to get the right help, so you can get what you really want all while making sure it works.

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With an older house there are certain things that need to be considered when fitting new windows. Depending on when your home was built, it may not have standard window sizes. If this is the case, then readymade window units probably won’t fit. Or if they do, there might be some gaps. Builds can also settle into different shapes over time. This could mean that windows and doors aren’t quite straight. Again, this makes it difficult, if not impossible, to fit readymade units.

With bespoke window units, you can bypass any irregularities there may be with your home. You’ll get windows that fit just as they should. This means there will be no gaps and your windows will give you better insulation. Hot air won’t be able to escape as easily, and cold air will be kept at bay. Your home will be easier to heat in the colder months, so you’ll save money on your heating bills.

By choosing windows that are made just for you, you get far more choice. Instead of having to choose from whatever selection of already made windows there are, you get free reign. You can choose any style and colour. So you get a window that is truly unique to you. If you’re building a new home and want to really show off your style; bespoke windows are the way to go.

Getting bespoke windows from Cumbria Windoworks also means you’ll make the most of uPVC. If you’re replacing wooden windows, you’ll really notice the advantages.

Firstly, uPVC is easier to source and thus cheaper than wood. So you save money from the very start. It’s also more weather-resistant and easier to care for. Wood can swell and warp with changes in temperature, so it can create gaps between window and frame. This lets cold air in and makes your home more difficult to heat. uPVC doesn’t have this problem. So it keeps your home better insulated and your heating bills low. uPVC windows only need the occasional wipe to keep them looking good as new, so you’ll save time keeping things clean, too.

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