When looking at new windows for your home, it seems you’re faced with two choices. Do you go for timber? Or do you go for uPVC? Well there is a third option when it comes to window materials. Aluminium windows are not seen as often, but they do come with their own advantages.

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Aluminium is a higher end alternative to wood and uPVC. It’s becoming more and more popular in the UK. Becoming a regular feature on programmes like Grand Designs. Aluminium is a type of metal. It’s unusually light, but also very durable. This makes it the strongest commonly available window frame material.

Because of aluminium’s strength, it means not as much is needed to support a windowpane. For this reason, aluminium window frames are incredibly slim. If you choose aluminium windows, you end up getting more visible glass space than with any other type. Aluminium window frames are a good match for bay windows, as they’ll give you the largest amount of visible glass possible.

Window frames made from aluminium also look more modern than wooden or uPVC counterparts. Their sleek exterior can help launch your home into the future, rather than leaving it looking dated. If you’re worried you’ll be limited to distinctly metal-looking grey or silver, you’re wrong. Aluminium frames can be powder coated in a wide array of colours. Powder coatings are baked on and so stick incredibly well to the aluminium.

What’s more is, aluminium windows are very resistant to the elements. Unlike wood which will rot and warp when exposed to too much moisture, aluminium holds up. It’s even capable of withstanding extremely strong winds and other harsh conditions. It even exceeds uPVC in terms of weather resistance.

These qualities also make aluminium very easy to take care of. You won’t find yourself spending ages cleaning and repairing the finish. A few quick wipes and your aluminium windows will look good as new.

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