Are you looking at new doors for your home? There are various different styles to consider and you’ll need at least a couple of different types throughout your home. Choosing the best materials for these doors is difficult without the right expertise. On the surface, it may seem like you’re faced with three choices; wood, uPVC and composite. However, aluminium is a high end alternative that may be just what you need.

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Aluminium doors are more commonly found in commercial properties in the UK. Surely, if they’re suitable for commercial, then they’re suitable for your home?

Being a metal, aluminium is an incredibly strong material. It’s surprisingly light, despite its durability. So any doors you have made of aluminium will be slimmer and lighter than doors of other materials.

This makes aluminium perfect for bi-fold or patio doors. Aluminium glass doors are the best choice as very little is required to support the glass. With such small amounts of aluminium, you get a larger amount of visible glass than with anything else. If you’re looking to connect your home and garden with patio or bi-folding doors, then aluminium is the way to go. You’ll barely be able to tell there’s anything separating them.

There’s more to aluminium than glass doors. They also make suitable front and back doors. Being so strong in relation to their weight, aluminium doors will be lighter than you would have thought possible. As well as making them incredibly slim, this strength also makes aluminium doors secure. You’ll have no trouble shutting the doors and won’t have to worry about anyone breaking in.

Worried you might be restricted to distinctly metal looking colours?

Think again. Aluminium doors are available in a huge range of colours. With powder coating, colours are baked into the aluminium your door is made of. So you’ll get long lasting and vibrant colours.

Aluminium is also an incredibly weather resistant material. When comparing it to wood, especially, it comes out head and shoulders above. Its lack of vulnerability to the elements, means it won’t warp or change shape when the temperature does. Because of this, it won’t leave gaps between the door and its frame. So your home will be better insulated for longer, meaning you save on your heating bills.

The durability of aluminium doors also makes them simple to take care of. Instead of having to regularly check and treat like wood, a few simple wipes now and then will do. You can rest assured your aluminium doors will look good as new for a very long time.

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